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Agency • VShojo

VShojo is a VTuber agency that focuses on Western VTubers.

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VShojo is a prominent VTuber agency that distinguishes itself by focusing on Western VTubers. With a commitment to nurturing talent and creating a diverse and engaging community, VShojo has become a significant player in the VTuber scene.


VShojo was founded with the aim of providing a platform for Western VTubers to showcase their creativity, entertain audiences, and build their virtual personas. The agency embraces a diverse range of talents, offering a supportive environment for VTubers to thrive.


VShojo continues to shape the landscape of Western VTubing by providing a platform for talented individuals to thrive. With a diverse roster of engaging VTubers, the agency contributes significantly to the growth and popularity of virtual content creation.

For more information and to explore the talents further, visit VShojo’s official website.