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Vtuber • Aisika Wachanaroj

Aisha is a friendly and cheerful person. She always loves to learn something new and enjoys studying lots. At times, she's also quite childish and demanding of her viewers to fulfill her small demands. She is also an easily hopeful person.

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An AI was created to control the destiny of living beings. But she herself believes that everyone can control their own destiny.

However, a group of researchers, being sent by the X.A.L.T.Z. agency, sent her a warning signal. In fear, they sent her to another dimension by a spaceship. Until she was found and led, making satellites fall to Earth, and realized that X.A.L.T.Z.’s true intention was to bring her to a new family.



Self Introduction





Aisha Appearance

Old Outfit/Senpai Outfit (3D Model)

Originally, Aisha wore a uniquely designed white coat with a black shirt inside. The blonde hair for this outfit carried onto future outfits with variation.

Casual Outfit (3D Model)

On May 30, Aisha changed the outfit to a uniquely designed white-green jacket with black and yellow stripes, tied with a rope, and a white shirt with a green collar. A unique green triangular hairpin completed the look.

Idol Outfit (3D Model)

On July 31, at her concert, she wore a white-green idol suit with a red bow and a tie with a bell. The black string goes from her shirt to the skirt. Her hair ties have a red bow with a white stripe. Her bell is on the left side.

Polygon Project Outfit / Quasar (2D Model)

On May 29, Aisha debuted her new 2D live costume. She now wears a new jacket with the collar being green, with an Aisha Project shirt, as well as a unique green triangular hairpin.

K-pop Outfit (3D Model)

On June 9, Aisha switched from a Japanese style idol outfit to a K-pop style idol outfit for her second concert. She is now wearing a tailored black slim-fitting suit with a golden stripe, as well as a unique green triangular hairpin.

Day With You Outfit (3D/2D Model)

On July 31st, Aisha received a surprise gift from her staff: a new 2D and 3D model. She wore a yellow off-the-shoulder shirt, overlapped with a black shirt. She also wore a green and black outer jacket and a black and white hat with green letters that said “YouGotNoJams.”

Additionally, she revealed a loli form on December 9, 2022.

Aigy Appearance

Casual Outfits (2D Model)

Same as her casual outfits, but in chibi form.

Summer Zest Outfits (2D Model)

A two-piece bikini, with a green transparent skirt. She also wears a white hat with a blue ribbon.

Invitations and Appearances

  • She appeared in the game Home Sweet Home: Survive (Later known as Home Sweet Home: Online), as a playable character on the visitor’s side.
  • She appeared in the game Gemcrusty, as a character in the game that you could interact with.


  • On December 7, 2019, Aisha had her first offline mini concert during Thai Game Meet Up 2.
  • On February 2, 2020, Aisha had her second offline mini concert during Japan Expo Thailand 2020.
  • On July 31, 2020, Aisha had her first full live concert, Aisha: Symmetrical Love 1st Anniversary Debut Virtual Stage.
  • On April 16, 2021, Garena Thailand announced that she will be participating in Garena League of Legends Mini Tournament with her chosen fans.
  • On July 31, 2021, Aisha had her second full live concert, Aisha 2nd Anniversary Debut Virtual Stage : Cambrian Explosions!
  • On December 28, 2021, V-Festa announced that Aisha will join “Japan Expo Thailand 2022” alongside Polygon and Pixela girls.
  • On July 29, 2022, Aisha had her third full online live concert, AISHA CHANNEL 3rd ANNIVERSARY: LETTER from the SEA before she announced her hiatus.
  • On July 30, 2022, She went on a 2-month hiatus from live stream, which also got extended to 4 months, to take a break and improve her skills. During the hiatus, she still made original content on her channel.
  • On December 9, 2022, She came back with her online mini concert, revealing her new model.


  • Her fanbase is officially called “Guppiens” (กุ๊ปเปี้ยน), made up of the combination of “Guppa” and “Homosapien.”


  • ”It’s true, trust me!” (จริงเชื่อ)
  • “Will you marry me?” (แต่งานกันค่ะ)
  • “Aisha wants to be rich! Aisha loves money!!” (ไอช่า อยากรวย! ไอช่ารักเงินมาก!!)
  • ”I’m relieved” (สบายใจและ)


  • She has her own harem. (She said it really means it’s her collection of friends.)
    • This is the list of her female harem members.
      • DarinV
      • All Polygon girl members
      • All Pixela girl members
      • Ayunda Risu
      • Airani Iofifteen
      • Liliana Vampaia
      • Alia Adelia
      • Qualia Qu
      • Marica Bellerose
      • Miori Celesta
      • Gipuri
      • Maya Oboro
      • Amano Pikamee
      • Shino Laila
    • This is the list of her male harem members.
      • Aito LH
      • Yeen Just Park
      • Andi Adinata
      • Zen Gunawan
      • Ya Taliban


  • Her real name “ไอศิกา” (“Aiya si ka”) is an auspicious female name in Thailand, which means “The woman who is dominant.”
  • She is an A.I. from another world who thinks that everyone can control destiny, but when she came to this world called “Earth,” she felt happy for the first time.
  • Her Polygon Outfit is actually named “AISha.PLG.QUASAR_CD” or Quasar, a reference to “My Cypher.”

Likes and Dislikes

  • She likes to learn new things.
  • She likes to voice act. She loves using little girl and grandma voices, but Zona likes her Archanai (male) voice.
  • Aisha’s favorite colors are Blue and Green.
  • She is scared of spiders, but she is not scared of cute spiders, like Melita.