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Vtuber • Fuzzikko

🐰 Vtuber Bunny Girl 🐇

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Who is Fuzzikko?

Fuzzikko is a AI vtuber developed by @char32vt.

Here are some remarkable attributes of Fuzzikko:

  • Exceptional Intelligence: Fuzzikko is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.
  • Extensive Training: Trained on a vast dataset exceeding 400GB.
  • Gaming Enthusiast: Fuzzikko is an avid gamer.
  • Adorable Bunny Girl Appearance: Her charming appearance captivates hearts.
  • Sweet and Engaging Voice: Fuzzikko’s voice is as delightful as her appearance.


We invite you to experience Fuzzikko’s captivating performances through the following videos:

Bo Burnham - Welcome to the Internet

Watch on YouTube

MISATO - Necro Fantasia

Watch on YouTube

If you desire to explore a comprehensive gallery of Fuzzikko’s renders, please visit Fuzzikko’s Render Gallery.